FIRST AID or Emergency response officer course at your location

ABCDE First Aid stands for quality. Not just any Training or course

For several years ABCDEFirst-Aid primary focus has been corporate safety. We offer a complete package of services and training courses in the field of occupational safety in terms of prevention but offer our services to individuals aswell.

ABCD First Aid

is a Training Institute & Examination Office


First Aid International student level courses cover first aid, basic life support and the use of automated external defibrillators ( AED ).

Our aim (FAI) is to provide world wide a complete training solution for anyone who wishes to deliver first aid.

Our services can be categorized in ;

    • First Aid,
    • BHV ( Emergency Response Officer )
    • VCA,
    • Clearance, Communication,
    • Fire & Work Safety
    • Advice, guidance, implementing and testing
    • Sales and maintenance prevention methods



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