About ABCDEFirst-aid

After much thought and research, I discovered that not many companies / organizations use the ABCD method.
The principle here is: “Treat first what kills first”

It is suitable for first aid, this way you get a better connection to professional assistance so that you know what you are talking about in the event of incidents during (event) assistance and in-house emergency response.
Approximate victim:
Addressing and introducing yourself ..

A. Airway
Assessing and securing the airway.
* Airway free and not threatened?
B. Breathing
Rate the breath
C. Circulation
Stip blood loss.
Search for the cause of circulation problems:
* Unrest, anxiety, agitati, confusion, apathy
* Cold hands and feet
* Fast breathing, fast heartbeat
D. Disability
Search for the disorders in consciousness:
* Signs of head and brain injuries
* Diabetes and epilepsy
* Use of alcohol and / or drugs

The ABCD method offers guidance in a stressful situation.