About me

Thank you for visiting my site.
My name is Edward Lindeboom born in “the Marine City” Den Helder, 53 years young (1969).
I now live in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer Hoofddorp to be precise.
“Hoofddorp” is centrally located in the Randstad area
… Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht….
Since the last century …
That sounds very far, to be precise 1989 I got my first aid diploma (professionally).
During the first aid training I saw a lady who each time acted as a victim to whom we as students could practice our connections and other skills.
I thought I would like to be … LOTUS victim …
LOTUS® stands for National Training to Depict Victims. (For me Simulation victim)
What is expected of me as a Simulation victim?
Depending on the instructor’s question and the intended exercise:
Staging an accident situation,
Realistic portrayal of an injury and disorders by means of make-up and
(also realistically) respond adequately to the assistance provided.

Objective: to train the social workers (both professional social workers and first aid and first aid workers) in situations that approach reality as much as possible.
In addition to being a Simulation victim, I can also be hired as;
First Aid Teacher / Instructor can be used for both First Aid and Emergency Response courses and training courses.
Combi BHV instructor:
Fire awareness

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