Emergency Response Officer (ERO BHV)

This is the complete course for the Emergency Response Officer (ERO BHV) including introduction of the AED. This course consists of two days during which two modules will be treated, Lifesaving skills (BHV LEH) and Fire (BHV Fire), Evacuation and Communication (BOC). Follow one more extra day with this certificate and get your First Aid diploma.

An emergency response officer- first aider, fire warden or evacuation warden- is an ordinary employee. However, if an incident occurs in the workplace- a fire breaks out, someone gets injured or there is a bomb alert- it is the emergency response officer who will take action. He knows what to do in the event of a fire, or if someone faints. He also knows what action to take if the building has to be evacuated. If this happens, it is the emergency response officer who, together with the rest of the emergency response team (ERT), ensures that the people present leave the building promptly and in as orderly a manner possible.

Minimum age

Course content
During this course you will be taught about Lifesaving skills and about Fire, Evacuation and Communication. This course will teach you how to approach a victim, how to apply bandages to an injury and how to perform resuscitation with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). This will be practised on a doll. You will also receive information about how you are expected to use an AED. Next to these subjects, you will also be taught if and how to approach a fire, extinguishing a fire with the right extinguisher for the fire, to evacuate a building and to properly communicate.  The course will be finished with a written exam. When the exam has been finished succesfully you will receive an Emergency Response Officer certificate. 


  • Basicprinciples of in-house emergency response
  • Safely provide first aid
  • Acute rescue procedure

Lifesaving skills module (LEH):
•Methodical assessment of the victim
•How to approach the victim
•Creating a free airway
•Recovery position
•Resuscitation adult
•Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

Fire and the dangers of fire:
•The fire Triangle
•Different kinds of fire
•Extinguishing equipment
•Practise with fire equipment
•Prepare and start evacuation

Included is:
– Theory and practise location
– Studymaterials
– Examinationfees and certificate
– Instructors
– Coffee/thee
– Extensive lunch

Examination and certification
A written exam will be taken, if successfull you will receive a FAI certified Emergency Response Officer certificate.

BHV Basic Emergency Response Officer (+ Life Saving Skills, ERO)

Total price excl. VAT: €260
Duration: 12 hours
Validity: 12 months